Know that your family is safe and have peace of mind while you're away from home.

In an age of identity theft and compromised data, keep your client and company information safe.

Virtually unbreakable, lockable and perfectly designed products for the fishing enthusiast.


Medium Liquor Safe Case

Next time you leave your home, know that your teenagers and their friends are safe because you have safely secured the alcohol and prescription medications in your home….or rest easy knowing your toddler is safe because the high-potency chemicals below your sink are safely locked away.

We carry a full line of products for the home to help you secure everything from cleaning products to medications, cigarettes to alcohol.

  • Permanently attached durable living hinge
  • Strong, glue-welded joints
  • Fabricated from strong, durable 3/8″ polycarbonate plastic; virtually unbreakable!
  • Transparent: easily view, monitor and inspect contents
  • Easy-carry handles 

Now featuring a 4digit permanently attached combination cam lock – easy to set with 10,000 different combinations!

Custom Case

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